6 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #04-02 NORTHVIEW BIZHUB SINGAPORE 768090 +65 9746 6789
meet the people

We’re just like the misfits from The Breakfast Club. Once a bunch of strangers, 
now a team of one who’s brave (read: crazy) enough to live our passion in the digital realm.
The Dealmaker who goes about her work with a fire in her belly. She hustles hard and handles all business aspects of ALOE Digital like a boss that she is.
The Shifu who never shies away from any unconventional ideas. After spending most of his 20s mastering the art of digital design, the digital world is now his.
The Jedi Knight who takes on client servicing and client acquisition with her lightsaber and powerful multi-tasking skills.
jedi knight
The Plan B who you can count on to design, even in the last minute. Apparently, the word ‘impossible’ is not in his dictionary.
The Copy Maker who ensures her copy is as smooth as teh tarik with the right amount of froth. I guess you can say that she is teh best at what she does.
copy maker
The Knockout who strikes with her powerful ideations and leaves everyone in the room knocked out. Definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to designing.
the knockout
The wordsmith never rests till his work is his best; he hammers away, crafting copy with zest. If a message you have for him to complete, just hand it over and he'll make it concrete.
The coffee drinker is always raring to go, ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done... as long as she's had a cup of joe. Or five.
coffee drinker
This powerpuff girl serves up justice with her design skills, battling briefs and deadlines before making it back in time for dinner. All that while looking as fabulous as ever.
powerpuff girl